Pair Up With The Perfect Thermometer:
3 Questions to Find the Right Thermometer For Your Adventures

SUN COMPANY | October 30, 2019

When temperatures start to fall, we all begin watching our thermometers, weather apps, and weather channels with a bit more interest—curious to see how cold it is and how cold it’s going to get. When you’re out in the winter for a bit of exploring, whether you’re on top of a mountain or walking just down the street, a quality thermometer can offer you the knowledge and functionality that keeps you feeling prepped and ready for the cold.

But, which thermometer is right for you? Every thermometer has different features and functionality, making it more or less ideal for different situations. The thermometer that’s perfect for cross-country skiing is different from the thermometer that’s ideal for overnight camping or a short hike around the neighborhood. To help you narrow things down and find the perfect thermometer for your winter adventures, we’re offering up three simple questions for help finding the right fit!

Are you active in winter sports?

If you plan on doing a lot of skiing or snowboarding throughout the winter, then you need a thermometer that is both secure and portable. Models that attach to your zipper, as well as your wrist and carabiner-friendly loops, will stay secure and out of the way until you’re back indoors and warming up. What’s more, you’ll need to seek out an especially durable thermometer for all the swinging and banging around that comes with an active day on the slopes. Our Brrr-ometer thermometers are specifically designed for winter sports wear, using anodized aluminum to resist corrosion and rust, while our ArmArmour 2 thermometer attaches to the wrist and is protected by an ABS plastic housing.

On top of reading the temperature, an active winter warrior will likely need a few extra features for their outdoor equipment, such as a compass or signal mirror. Our Outsider multi-tool is outfitted for just such occasions, including a survival whistle for signaling others after an avalanche or when you’ve lost your way.

Do you plan on camping during the winter?

When choosing a Sun Company thermometer, campers will often gravitate towards models with features and functionalities that improve life around the camp. For example, our TempaTorch includes a high-density carabiner for staying secured to your backpack or camping supplies, as well as an ultra-bright COB LED flashlight for navigating outside the campsite at night. Meanwhile, the Outsider multi-tool includes a flint rod and striker for easily starting campfires.

Of course, there are other thermometer features that might prove useful to a camper, such as compasses and timepieces. However, you’ll ultimately need to decide which functionalities are most important for you and your typical camping experience.

Do you have kids adventuring with you?

Kids love color, and our Neon Therm-o-compass puts a high-quality thermometer and compass into a vibrant and fun package. We also offer easy-to-read digital thermometers, such as our Digital Zip-o-gage, for younger kids just learning to use their equipment. Not surprisingly, thermometers geared towards kids need to be extra secure to prevent themselves from being lost or misplaced. Our Neon Zip-o-gage, much like many of our other kid-friendly pieces of equipment, can be easily secured to a zipper or keychain, so that they are still right where they need to be at the end of a cold day of exploration!

So, if you’re ready for a winter of exploration and adventure, then a thermometer makes for a perfect addition to your gear list. That being said, if you want to pick the most ideal setup for your outdoor activities, simply examine each thermometer’s features and ask yourself these three questions.

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