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Rocky Mountain Rugged Gifts

SUN COMPANY | December 13, 2021

Wherever the outdoors take you, pack the safety essentials for you or your loved ones. Give peace of mind even when it feels as though the stakes are high. Take on the wilderness with Sun Company. Supplying Rocky Mountain rugged gifts and gear since 1971.

Featherlight Signal Mirror

If You're Getting off the Grid

Catch their eye with this ultralight signal mirror. A safety must-have for every pack. Perfect for your hiking, camping, backpacking, or travel gear.


If You're Backcountry Skiing

Stay safe on the slopes with the AvaGage. Measure approximate avalanche danger while also measuring terrain slope. This 2-in-1 product is designed to keep you safe at all levels of altitude whether you skiing, backpacking or hiking.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Avalanches can and do occur over a wide range of slope angles, and are influenced by several factors other than angular slope. Do not travel in avalanche areas without prior avalanche safety training, and always be alert to avalanche danger and travel accordingly.


If You're Headed Into the Elements

A winter sport essential. Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, camping, or any outdoor activity. The Digital Zip-o-Gage is the most compact and lightweight personal digital thermometer on the market. Dependable in even the most rugged conditions (reads from -20°F to +130°F).

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