Celebrate Adventure

SUN COMPANY | December 10, 2021

Gifts They Can Actually Use

This season, personalize your gift-giving to the way they enjoy spending time outdoors. Find gear for all types of excursions. For the friends who run 5Ks every holiday to those who enjoy solo adventure in nature. Celebrate adventure with Sun Company.


Get their Attention

This three-in-one tool is this season's brightest accessory. Get this whistle, compass, and thermometer combination for anyone who enjoys hiking, walking, or trekking. Perfect for folks who like to travel light, this simple safety tool never goes out of style.


Give them Direction

Get the most accurate compass reading with the ProSight Sighting Map Compass. Open up the cover to reveal a full-sized sighting mirror, a must-have for anyone who enjoys meandering in the great outdoors. Perfect for those who are interested in solo excursions.

versa 360

Merry and Bright

For the avid explorer to those who enjoy an early morning walk. Brighten their day with this portable and practical headlamp. The strap is built for comfort and convenience and easily adjusts to fit all sizes of heads, from kids to adults. Perfect for the step-conscious friends looking to hit that 10,000 mark.

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