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8 Best Car Accessories for Your Next Road Trip

SUN COMPANY | April 20, 2020

Planning a road trip? You might need some additional car accessories to make your trip secure and smooth. Here are the eight best car accessories for your next road trip, complied by guest author, Rebecca Siggers.

1. Backrest

We all know that a road trip means hundreds of miles on the road and hours of sitting in the driver seat. After such intense and long drives, you might usually end up with backaches when you reach your destination and get off the driver seat. To avoid such a situation, get backrest support that straps conveniently to your car seat and helps you relax by keeping your back in its natural curvature position. Some of the backrest support seats also have vents in it to keep your body from overheating while offering total support to your back.

2. Sun Visor Organizer

Here is a particular car accessory that is a complete savior if you are planning to head on a solo trip. Sun visor organizer gets strapped to the driver side sun visor and has a dedicated slot for credit cards, currency notes, receipts, etc. It even has a slot to keep your mobile phone in it. No more going through the hassle of searching for receipts and credit cards at a drive-in while the other customers in the queue behind you start getting really impatient and start honking. You can plan and store all the required things in the sun visor organizer before beginning the trip.

3. Roof Racks

To carry a bike for your next trip in case you find a right spot and indulge in some cycling experience, you would need a roof rack to mount your bike safely on the roof of your car. And if you do not intend to take your bike on your road trip as you are planning to visit a camping spot, consider attaching a roof rack to the car so that you can store all your camping gear effortlessly and securely on the roof of your car.

4. Vehicle Traction Mats

Road trips don’t necessarily mean clean and paved roads. You could be planning to go off-roading, so you and the wheels of your car should be ready for all types of driving situations such as snow, mud and rain. The wheels of the car could get stuck due to the conditions of the surface, so carry a pair of traction mats. These traction mats conveniently slide below the wheels offering enough traction for them to get out when stuck in snow, sand, and mud.

5. Garmin Off-Road GPS

off-road gps

Road trips are an escape from the bustling sounds of everyday life, and you might want to explore new spots and places of interests. The Garmin off-road GPS comes in handy for such situations where it not only guides you in the right direction but also helps you discover some of the excellent off-road and off the grid points of interest. It comes loaded with off-road places of interest and topographical maps that guide you in the right direction towards lesser-visited off-roading spots. Who knows, you might discover a spot and it could become your go-to off-road spot for a road trip.

6. Car Waste Bin



Hours of driving, fewer pit stops and heaps of wraps, tissues, and cola cans piling up might turn your can into moving garbage in no time. Keep your car neat and tidy during the road trips with one of the car waste bin that straps to the passenger seat, that makes it driver-friendly without distracting the driver. These car waste bins avoid any spillage or leakage of the waste and make sure that the car does not stink because of the waste stored in it as it comes with magnets that close the cover once you put waste in it. 

7. Perfume Diffuser

One thing is for sure that your car might get smelly with the smell of fast foods and other packaged snacks. The best way to keep smell and odour away is by installing a perfume diffuser that releases mild scent slowly covering bad odour and smell present in your car. Most of the perfume diffusers don’t compromise on looks as well so find one that best suits the interiors of your car. Plus they can last for the entire trip because it releases the scent slowly.


8. Dashboard Altimeter



One of the most important things to carry on a road trip is an altimeter. When your car reaches a certain height it might get effected due to the altitude, hence it’s better if you keep a measure of altitude by using an altimeter to keep your road trip safe. Mount it in your car’s dashboard and you are good to go.

Those were the eight best car accessories you should consider getting for your next trip. You can find several others such as seat organizer, dashboard cameras, seat side organizers and many more depending upon your requirements and choices to make your road trip memorable and safe.

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